We've traveled extensively with our family, exploring kitchens from around the world, but the simplicity, freedom, and light-heartedness of Spanish cuisine, the fabric of bustling bars woven into the city, that captivated us the most.
There arn’t many places like that in Hungary, so we decided to create one.

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The quick, brown, bizarre, and thunderbird fox jumped over the lazy dog.

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The quick, brown, charlotte, and red fox jumped over the lazy dog.

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Good to know:

We can reserve a table for you for 2 hours as our opportunities for seating are limited. If you would like to make a reservation for today, please call us at (+36 30 900 1204). Thank you.

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The quick, brown, charlotte, and red fox jumped over the lazy dog.

About us

You stroll into a bar without any particular pressure, you might not even be hungry, but as you catch the sight of tapas crammed into the glass display at the bar counter – there is no way helping it. And there's no stopping it; the table quickly fills with flavours and colors, dishes served in traditional burnt clay plates, a vast array of glasses marching beer, wine, or brandy. A feast-like atmosphere in a simple neighborhood bar.
It is this feeling that we want to bring this feeling to Budapest. Casual, laid-back, and letting the flavors do the talking.



Pimientos de Padrón 2000 Ft
fried Padrón peppers, Maldon salt

Tortilla 1200 Ft
egg omelet with potato and onion E

Aceitunas mixtas 1400 Ft
selection of olives

Olives la abuela 1600 Ft
green olives marinated with chunks of sweet garlic

Croquetas de jamón 1800 Ft
croquettes with jamón serrano L,G, E

Patatas bravas 2000 Ft
roasted potato with spicy tomato sauce and aioli E

Pimientos rellenos de queso de cabra 2500 Ft
piquillo peppers, stuffed with goat cheese bechamel LGT

Setas con ajo y vino blanco 2500 Ft
mushrooms with garlic and white wine

Berenjenas con miel y queso de cabra 3500 Ft
baked aubergine with honey and goat cheese L

Pescadito 2000 Ft
fried whitebait

Allergens: Gluten, Lactose, Egg

Calamares fritos en tempura 2500 Ft
tempura fried squid rings with aioli G, E

Ceviche (mahi-mahi, mango, lime, cilantro) 3000 Ft
mahi-mahi (dolphinfish) ceviche with mango, lime, cilantro


Gambas pil-pil 3900 Ft
shrimp marinated in garlic chili olive oil

Tartar de atún rojo 4500 Ft
red tuna tartare

Hueso con medula al horno con gremolata 3000 Ft
baked bone with marrow with gremolata

Albóndigas de ternera y cordero 3200 Ft
veal and lamb meat balls in spicy tomato sauce

Morcilla empanada y manzana caramelizada 3200 Ft
blood sausage balls with caramelized apple E

Carrillada de buey en salsa al madeira 3900 Ft
slow cooked beefcheek with madeira sauce

Entrecot de buey con chimichurri 3900 Ft
pink peppercorn crusted sirloin with chimichurrí

Chistorra al vino tinto 3900 Ft
basque saussage braised in red wine

Espaldilla de cordero 4500 Ft
lamb shoulder in orange-fig sauce with baked goat cheese L

Pan 400 Ft
home made bread (4 slices) G

Allergens: Gluten, Lactose, Egg


Chorizo iberico 2000 Ft
iberico sausage

Salchichon iberico 2000 Ft
iberico salami

Jamón serrano grand reserva 2900 Ft
serrano ham

Queso manchego curado con membrillo 2200 Ft
manchego cheese aged for 12 months with quince jelly L

Allergens: Gluten, Lactose, Egg


crema catalana 1400 Ft
crème brûlée L, E

tarta de chocolate con caramelo salado 1800 Ft
chocolate cake with salted caramel L, E

Allergens: Gluten, Lactose, Egg


Business hours:
Tuesday to Saturday 17:00 - 23:00.

Padron Tapas
Horánszky utca 10.

+36 30 900 1204